backward breakfast

This idea was born out of self pity on a morning I was feeling unappreciated and ‘no one ever says thank you and they just expect me to….’ The day was bound to suck for the kids as I was determined to find a pile of evidence in support of my claims. I am so good at that.

We sat down to breakfast and I said to the kids, “One at a time, name one person that helped make this breakfast possible. Think backwards – starting with our kitchen, what happened just before we put it in our cupboards.”

We were having cereal and OJ.

Cereal ….The cashier at the grocery store, the person that bagged the groceries, the person that stocked it on the shelves, the truck driver that delivered it, the person that unloaded it, the gas station attendant/cashier where the truck driver purchased gas, the person at the factory where the cereal was boxed, the inspector….

Milk….the dairy farmer, the truck driver, the person that…..

OJ…..the person that planted the seedlings for the trees, the person that picked the fruit, the person that…….

We went on to the bowls, spoons and my coffee that morning.

The list was extensive. Really it was amazing – all of the work that went into this meal. All of the work that made it possible for me to open a cupboard and a refrigerator door and breakfast was served in all of 45 seconds.

At my request, after we ate we said a prayer for each person we talked about that morning.

“We don’t know their names, but you do God. Their work made this breakfast so easy to serve. Thank you. Bless them this day. Help them to know what they do matters.”

God threw me a life preserver that day so I didn’t drown in my own pity. I needed to take myself out of the equation.

We don’t do this every morning, but from time to time we will. If I am in need of a shift of perspective, this always does the trick.