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Theme Thursday: Happiness/Joy Link-up

I am only loosely linking up with this week.  Very, very loosely.

Happiness is…..when there is no one in the zoo’s Imax theater for a Monday afternoon showing of Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 3D.

….when your kids play along.

…when I get to use my Hollywood director’s voice. And accent?

And we’re shocked……

And we’re frightened…….

And we’re laughing…….

And we’re sleeping……

You’ll be surprised to learn that my children have no background in acting. I sense that your face looks similar to photo number one. But ’tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true.

Thank you, Cari for hosting.

Architecture: Theme Thursday link-up

Last week I wrote about needing to categorize my overflow of ideas. I decided Theme Thursday was something I needed to do. I honestly have no idea what I am doing in the world of photography, but love experimenting.

Thanks, Cari, for being the inspiration I needed to just give it a try.

This theme was a lot of fun. We live about 20 minutes from the Cathedral, so it immediately came to mind when I read the theme for the week.

I got there a bit later than I had hoped so wasn’t sure what the lighting would be like. Due to it being an older (and gorgeous) neighborhood, getting shots without power lines was a bit tricky.

Between the photos of the front and the side, it looks like an hour or two passed – but it was just a few minutes.

I love the birds.

Does your neck hurt from all of that looking up?

There was so much beautiful detail near the windows I tried to capture, but the sun had set and I was not having any luck. Makes me want to go back and try again.

Head back over to Cari’s and feast your eyes.

Happy Thursday,