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Five Favorites (vol. 2)

Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites today!


Vintage Necklaces for Curtain Tie Backs

I am really liking this idea. We just hung, no scratch that, I just put the anchors, screws and screw driver on the dining room table so we can hang new window treatments in the dining room.

I think I might have to try this.




Roasted Sweet Onion Triscuits.

Yum. I discovered these after a last second throw in at the checkout aisle in Target. I am glad I did. A recipe suggestion on the box included Gouda cheese, teeny slice of fig (not a fan so I skipped) and apricot preserves.

It was okay, but I thought them especially delish with sharp, white cheddar cheese.




Tuesday Night Date Nights.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? A few summers ago, my husband and I decided to splurge on a sitter once a week for a date night. We assumed this would be a Friday or Saturday, but said babysitter was only available on Tuesdays. “Tuesday?” We said. No really it was just me. “A date night on Tuesday!?” Who goes on a date on a Tuesday?

We did. That’s who. All summer long. And it rocked.

Do you know you never have to wait at your favorite restaurant on a Tuesday?

Do you know you can get to the movie theater at the actual starting time and you will still get the best seats?

Do you know how many restaurants have incredible specials on Tuesdays because no one goes out to eat on Tuesdays?

Our favorite restaurant had half-off on all bottles of wine.





Fresh flowers on the kitchen table.


I have always thought having fresh flowers in the house such a treat.

Sometime ago we decided we would keep fresh flowers on our table for the 50 days of Easter.

It is such a treat and a beautiful reminder of the Easter season.


We Bought a Zoo soundtrack

We have had this for a while, but we just pulled it out again. So it is sort of a re-discovered favorite.

Majority of the titles are by Jonsi, the guitarist and vocalist from Sigur Ros.

Thank you, Hallie, for hosting!

An awesome week to ya,








Five Favorites: Link- Up

Thank you, Hallie for hosting. I love the idea of a five favorites link-up. While I am late to the party, I made it.

1. Seasonal Fireplaces

(Image via)

I love our fireplace. We have debated on a few occasions converting it to a gas fireplace, so that we don’t have to deal with the mess and storing the wood. We both have agreed to stay with our wood burning fireplace as we love the sound and the pops of the wood, even the smell. I’ve seen so many cute ideas to fill your fireplace in the off season. Right now, old books is my absolute favorite. I’ve seen others, like a still life of birch wood, vases and candles that are really fun, too.

2.  Bicycles in the Bathroom.

                                                        (Image Via)

We will soon be embarking on re-doing our basement bathroom in penny-pinching fashion. If we had the room, this would be my first choice. I love. Love. Love it. However, it would entail reworking the plumbing and moving the shower, thus no longer a penny-pinching project. It would be perfect in our basement bathroom because we rarely use it for showering and such. So, we really wouldn’t need the under–the-sink storage. When we had guests, we could fill those baskets with towels, cute soaps and lotions. Okay, now I’m sad again and maybe this shouldn’t be on my Five Favorites.

No, it is so one of my favorites.

3.  Mumford and Sons.

This is my recent cleaning up the kitchen, making dinner, unloading the dishwasher music. Love it.

4. This quote by Fulton J. Sheen

Simple Things

“Humans live by their desires, but it is possible for us to choose whether we will desire things of the spirit or of the world. The person who can look back on his day and count five times when he has refused to yield to some minute whim is on the way to inner growth: He has held himself back and rejected the slavery of things.”

5. The Joy of Hate

 By: Greg Gutfeld

This book is funny and witty. It’s also a quick read. The author takes to task the issue of media bias in a hilarious style. Super funny.

Happy Monday (really never a favorite),