Ceramic Casserole Dishes and the Body of Christ

I love to do me some thriftin’. When you thrift you find things like small, ceramic owls, disco balls, and funky glassware.

The other day when I was out doing some non-thrifting errands, I discovered a consignment store that only accepts and sells used dishes and entertainment-ware.

I visited with the owner for a bit after I browsed her cute selection of ceramic casserole dishes, cake stands and three tiered serving stands. It was a great store that I am going to keep in mind next time I host a large gathering and need that certain dish or tray and don’t want to spend too much.

She said herĀ idea came from friends who were retired and wanting to downsize. They no longer had room for these things in their cupboards. These were things they had tried to give to their children or grandchildren, but they had no interest. Thus they were here awaiting their next owner. She went on to say that it has been so much fun to watch newlywed and other young couples leave her store clutching their newly found treasures. She said she often wondered if some of these people were the same people that had said no to a previous offer.

When I left there I couldn’t help but think of what I wanted to pass on to my children. Not so much dishes (at this point anyhow) but the truths of the faith, the rich history and traditions of the Church. It made me think of how important our community is. Someday when my children might not accept a gift I really want them to have, maybe they will accept it from someone else. A friend, a Godparent, aunt or priest.

It made me realize the importance of praying for people in my life that would also want my children to have these gifts and not mock or make fun of them. Also, to say thank you for those amazing people already present in my life.

All for now,