7 QT

by Jennifer

  1. Hi!  I’m Jennifer.  This blog is a mess.
  2. On Tuesday, we enjoyed a parade, a family get together, grilling out and fireworks.  It was a good time and had me feeling a bit sentimental.  I was thinking about how many things about this tradition are exactly the same as they were when I was a kid – 30+ years ago.  And how many things have changed.  I thought especially about those that are no longer with us.  My heart was heavy as I thought of all the memories I had with my grandparents and aunts and uncles on the 4th of July.  Maybe I was looking at it through the eyes of my kids, especially our youngest, and how much she loves it.


    Only picture I took all day. At my parents house, before heading to the parade.

  3. I am building a farmhouse table for our patio.  I read the plans here and all of the comments and suggestions from others who have built it.  I cannot over estimate how much those helped.   I also gave myself permission to make a few mistakes.  I am really happy with how it is turning out.IMG_0176.JPG
  4. I’ve started to think about next summer.  We are talking about an extended family vacation and my daughter is talking about a class she may want to take.  That feels weird to me.  I don’t know – its July and we are making plans for next July!?!
  5. I have been listening to podcast while I tackle some of the projects that I really dread.  AKA housework.  The Lazy Genius is a new one I’ve found and I am really enjoying it.  Check out the one on baking.
  6. How many cups of coffee do you think is too many cups of coffee?
  7. My birthday was yesterday.  I turned 43.  I think back to how old I was when my mom was 43 (or 42 or 41 – you get the picture;-).  Its a different perspective.  For so long, I thought my parents were perfect – not only that – but that were supposed to be perfect.  When I think of my mom’s age and my age, its a good reminder that there is no age that we are magically given all the answers.      Thanks for hosting, Kelly.