7 QT

by Jennifer

Thank you, Kelly, for hosting.

  1.  We returned home after vacation last week and I’m not going to lie, it’s been rough.  I like vacation mode.  Lets stay there.image
  2. Last year when we returned home from vacation we had several nests of baby bunnies.  Some of those had mothers who abandoned them because they made it in a drainage area and they were washed away.  This year, we return from vacation and – same thing.  There are baby bunnies everywhere.  My best guess is our yard is safe when our two dogs are not patrolling it.
  3. Our kids are feeding three that were found crawling about in the yard.  What are my options here?  Google has helped.  But we just can’t keep doing this.image
  4. I feel like real life is on the horizon… school, activities and bedtimes – oh my.  I’m hiding and in a bit of denial.
  5. What else?  I made this Mexican Casserole and received great reviews from the family.
  6. I need a good book to read.  Any suggestions?  I just finished Blue Castle by LM Montgomery and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I heard rave reviews about Eligible and I was anxious to read it, but I’m just not loving it.
  7. We are going to go out to eat at a riverside restaurant on Saturday that has the best corn fritters this side of the Mississippi.  No kidding.  I’ll report back.


Have a great weekend!