by Jennifer


Thank you, Kelly, for hosting.

  1.  Summer is going way too fast.
  2. This past week I had a disagreement with someone.  I like disagreements about as much as I like the thought of having my wisdom teeth removed without anesthetics.  The thing is.  I believed in what I was bringing to the table, but it was messy and a lot less 7 steps to resolving a disagreement and more like,  I don’t even know. It was messy and awkward and shaky voice and angry and oh man I don’t think it should be going like this.
  3. It hit me this week  (I use that phrase too much – it hit me.  Its deep. Real deep.)  that that is what bothered me the most. It bothered me how wobbly I was in the midst of the conflict.
  4. I wasn’t happy that I had stood up for something I believed in, but was feeling bruised that I didn’t look or sound polished doing it.
  5. Pride is a messed up thing. It messes with our confidence and belief and strength.  It tells us if you don’t wrap everything up in a neat little package with a $20 bow, then we are a failure.  A big and epic failure.the-art-of-glamorous-gift-wrapping-L-93af5y
  6. That’s a lie.
  7. We won’t look good and certainly won’t feel good doing it.  But if we think it’s worth it, or it needs to be said then we should say it.  Sure its nice if we can deliver it in a nice 7 step flow chart with a resolution as number 8, but life is messy and unpredictable sometimes.
  8. A bonus one because I love you faithful readers. Ok.  I love you, mom and dad. Due to our marathon kitchen update, we have no cupboard doors.  In our absence last week our dog found a bag of powdered sugar and had a par. tay.  When we came home, my husband and kids warned me as I was the last to enter the house.  I considered 1. the time and effort it would take to clean this up.  or 2.  what our lives would look like if we never used the kitchen again.