by Jennifer

Linking up with Kelly.

  1.  I love the Fourth of July. There was some of this….

My parents have a little haven for a backyard, including a zip line:).

2.  There was a parade, bingo in the park, cotton candy and kettle corn.  The carnival. Was. In. Town.

3.  Yesterday we visited an ice cream shop that locally sources 95% of their ingredients.  It is about 20 minutes from our house but I would drive there again for the Saigon Cinnamon or Brown Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream.  It was delicious.



4.  This weekend we are on day 7462 of a kitchen update.  We have finished sanding the doors and are now on to sanding the drawers.  When we started this we said we were FOR SURE going to be finished by the Fourth.


5.   How many days can laundry sit in the living room waiting to be folded?

6.  Six is always hard for me.

7.  Im off to the grocery store and maybe Home Depot.  Don’t be jealous.

Happy Friday!